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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Age Of Electronicus

Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
The Age Of Electronicus
Synthesized On The Moog By Dick Hyman
Command ABC - 946-S

"Bloops and bleeps music", or some such phrase was used by another "reviewer" to describe an electronics album I blogged a little while back. They used it like it was a common term even if, to me the phrase didn't seem to describe the album I was listening to. But the phrase stuck with me and while listening to this album I recall the song "Popcorn" by Gershon Kingsley and was able to a "hear" the bloops and bleeps of this period of "moog" music.

Some of the tracks, or parts of tracks from this album are "bloops and bleeps", some are not. The first track is heavy on the "popcorn" vibe, and I frankly didn't do it for me. The second track (the featured track) immediately saved the day with it's late 60s (or early 70s) fusion funkiness. But the album is more than what I just mentioned. The first track on side two, Kolumbo is a trip to the planet of "middle-eastern-belly-dancing-in-the-middle-of-space" cool. And then it's back to the "popcorn", but with an interesting minimalist feel to it. The following track has a "Tomita" vibe to it.

So, as a historical collectible, this album bridges the late 50s early 60s electronica with hints of "sounds" still to come while holding on to a touch of that Enoch Light/Command period "light pop" vibe.

The album, produced after Enoch Light sold Command to ABC, still features an elaborate gatefold jacket.  Hyman or Command also gets credit from me for the the cool album title and creative type treatment.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
Green Onions
Time Is Tight
Both Sides Now


  1. This is great!, those drums breaks are fantastic.

  2. dick hyman is king of the keyboards of the modern era.


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