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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Music For Organ

Last Rites
New Music For Organ
William Bolcom Black Host
William Albright Organbook II
William Albright, Organ with Sidney Hodkinson, Percussion
Electronic tape realized at The University of Michigan Electronic Music Studio
Nonesuch Records Commission

Lush, rich, slow moving music that makes me think of that time that I woke up alone in a decrepit public bus parked in a foggy graveyard, florescent light flickering slickly green shadows dancing on the windows... hands and ankles duck taped to the seat. Yes... good and creepy stuff... no, not the duck tape thing... this album.

From the cover notes: The title of the Bolcom work, written in the summer of 1967, takes its cue from the black mass envisioned by St. Secaire (as mentioned in Frazer's encyclopedia of the occult, The Golden Bough). St. Secaire is supposed to have said black mass in the crypt of his church in order to purify that institution of its own sin.

...the current work (Organbook II), akin to Black Host, is wrapped in the direction of the darker, more sinister aspects of religion-nocturnal rituals, the devil, mortality.

Side One:

William Bolcom (b. 1938)
Black Host (1967)
for organ, percussion & tape
Sydney Hodkinson, percussion

Side Two:

William Albright (b. 1944)
Organbook II (1971)
1. Night Procession
2. Toccata Satanique
3. Last Rites (with tape)

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  1. Could you be so kind and post teh other two pieces of Albright, too?
    I am an organist and play my exam with the Organbook II next year and I would lik to hear the rest of it?

    Best Greetings from Nuremberg!


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