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Friday, June 15, 2012

Kim Sang Hee

Once again, there is not much printed on the jacket that I can understand. Curiously the artist's name is featured in English. The record was released by Oasis Records, Seoul, Korea (OL 1151)

I did find a few returns when I did a search for Hee, including a video on YouTube. Hee may also have made a "Jefferson Airplane" styled "psych" album. This album is sort of a soft "light pop" album, but serves up a few nice quirky moments.


  1. Love the fuzz guitar opening, it reminds me of a 1960's Japanese hero movie soundtrack.

  2. Very nice. The artist's name in English on the cover is, most likely, due to the US occupation of S. Korea. There's lot's of English speaking people there. Great song, sexy cover.

    Here's some info on her (Google Translated):

    Gimsanghui, born March 29th 1943, Graduated from Korea University Department of Law. In 1961 made ​​her debut as a singer.

    Awards: Nominated 1971 TBC Music Awards, 1973 The 1st Republic of Korea Music Awards broadcast: won the female vocalist category. Currently dean of the Korea National Arts Foundation, and is working as a DJ at Korea TBS.


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