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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shangri-La - Richard Boswell

Richard Boswell - His Harp And Orchestra
Diplomat 2322

And now for a little budget mystery. I remembered blogging another LP titled Shangri-La. The LP is a Decca release featuring an artist named Robert Maxwell - His Harp and Orchestra. Odd name and title similarities. Now... compare the cover model and tell me that the model on this album, although looking older... couldn't be the same model as featured on the Decca release. Aside from Shangri-La all the track titles are different on the two albums and the two version of Shangri-La are not the same cover. Still...weird don't you think?

The tracks on this album are obviously not all recorded by the same "group". The track, Charade is filler to be sure. Sounds like songs were used from three different sources.

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