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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lost On A Cloud - Ken Griffin

Lost On A Cloud
Ken Griffin
Columbia Records CL 662

This one can be found for purchase/download so I will not be posting a sample. What you don't get with the online downloads is a peak at this great cover!

Griffin pasted away in 1956, so most of his work was released after his death. So this album, amongst others, sounds a little dated to me (in comparison to other space age organists).

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  1. My grandmother knew Ken Griffin and owned every record ever released by him, which were a lot and mostly posthumous. As much as I love organ, and as much as my grandmother liked Ken Grifin (to the exclusion of about any other organist but Bob Ralston) I have to say he completely bores and annoys me. His music is hackneyed and cheesy. And his Hammond drawbar registrations are awful. I'm sorry he died young (which I blame partially on incompetent South Chicago medicine) but his treacly twee could vanish from the earth for all I care.


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