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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chris Montez

Chris Montez
A&M Records SP 4115

I stumbled across this album yesterday. I'd never heard of Montez. Apparently this was his "comeback" album after releasing a successful rock song titled Let's Dance Monogram 1962.

He was talked into making this "middle of the road, soft ballad" record instead of a rock follow up to Let's Dance. The single Call Me did very well and has been used, according to his wiki page, many times in movies.

All that aside, I would say this is a light pop/jazz album and not at all "middle of the road". The vocals are hard to describe... but up here in The Atomic Attic... if you follow the stuff that I like to post... this album is worth searching out. It is unique and cool.

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  1. I bet those cover models are stewardesses.


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