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Friday, January 20, 2012

Jackie Gleason The "Now" Sound... For Today's Lovers

Jackie Gleason The "Now" Sound... For Today's Lovers
The Gleason Strings with Sitar & other exotic instruments
Capitol Records SW 2935

I've been looking for this Gleason album for a few years. This album is frequently held up as Gleason's "unusual and possibly most hip" recording. However, in my opinion, this LP features splashes of "exotic instruments" that aren't throughly integrate into his brand of easy listening. Instruments include the Sitar, Tabla, Kanjira, African finger piano, Dharma bells, African and Thai marimbas, Gamelan Gongs, Aung Loung and Chinese bell trees.

Had I not been expecting more... possibly the results would have been enough and it is hard to expect Gleason to dive off the deep end and do something really crazy. Thematically and sonically Gleason takes chances that work better on other albums in his catalog.


  1. the article is really cool, i like it a lot..

  2. Hello Mark, I notice Jackie Gleason records do not contain any samples . Is there a reason? Just wondering. I want to start a collection of JG music and a sample or 2 could help me make choices.

    Thanks again for this site ! I love it

    John Espo

    1. Howdy John. Usually, at the time of the post if the set is found for sale by online vendors, I normally do not post a sample. A judgement call on my part. – Mark


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