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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Power And The Glory - Roger Bacon Band

This Guy's In Love With You
The Power And The Glory
Guth Brothers Post 111 Roger Bacon Band
Recorded by Insight Communications, Inc
Artist Recording Company - Cincinnati, Ohio
6920 - 700651

OK... this one is coming out of left field even for me... but I couldn't resist the great cover image. You are looking from the south shore of The Ohio River, probably from Newport, Kentucky across the river into downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

I live in the area... it's a local thing for me.


  1. Would you post the entire album of the Old Bacon Band?

    Mark M.

  2. This Band finished #3 in the nation out of 50.

  3. I remember recording this album when I was a freshman in high school. We did it outdoors and, if you listen to a really good copy of the album, you can actually hear the locusts that were out at the time. (At least that's what we joked to each other back then!!)

  4. You can still get an original copy of the album through Roger Bacon High School. I understand they recently found a box of them....


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