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Thursday, September 1, 2011

R.S.V.P. - The Invitations

The Invitations
Russ Garcia and His Orchestra
Liberty LRP3117

From the back cover: The Invitations include (from left to right on the cover picture) Sonny Kamaka, Alec Kaeck, Buddy Fo, Clem Low and John Costello. Each is a part-Hawaiian native of Honolulu. They merged their individual talents into one on a fall day in 1958 and were immediately booked at the Korean Village in Honolulu's International Market Place.

Liberty always seems to deliver, even on this album, with it's odd blend of "island" music and male pop harmony vocals. However, the track I chose as a sample is all Garcia. Garcia made one of my favorite period albums of the late 50s titled Fantastica. The vibe of the sample is completely different (as well as void of all vocals) from tracks found on the remainder of the album.

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