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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Latin-Esque - Esquivel And His Orchestra

Esquivel And His Orchestra
Stereo Action
The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow
RCA Victor LSA-2428

This album can be found on CD, so I will not be posting a sample.

This is a marvelous Stereo Action entry from Esquivel. Stereo Action was a series of records RCA issued to help cash in on the emerging "stereo" trend. Each album featured a different artist who may or may not have worked with the RCA engineers to get the most out of the "stereo" technology. All of the jackets were made of heavy cardboard with some sort of die-cut that allowed the 4-color printed sleeve to peek through.

I can't say I love all of the Stereo Action LPs. RCA engineers messed with channel switching to the point that the "stereo action" becomes annoying. But this Stereo Action rocks. The music is a great blend of late 50s and early 60s space age, easy listening vocals and ping-pong.

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