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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bailando Con Malando

Bailando Con Malando
Malando And His South American Dance Orchestra
With Vocal by Francisca Deschamps
Philips P 08040 L

A Philips South America release in Columbian for Industrias Fonoton LTDA.

This album (from the cover) appears to be an early to mid-60s release. Searching for Malando returns a EP collection of Tangos with a photo that looks like it was taken in the 50s with the band leader playing an accordion. No accordion to be found on this album. I would assume that this is the same band(?).

The songs are pleasant, well executed and vocal treatments are nice and the band covers one of my favorite tunes, Andalucia. There is also a nice cover of Poinciana (another exotica favorite).


  1. Great! I love Andalucia! Nice version.

  2. On my last visit to my Mum in Antwerp, Belgium, she sent me home with about 500 LP's and believe me or not but this Original Philips Bailando Con Malando LP is among them, Great Stuff! I can just about discern a date of 1967 on the record.


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