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Friday, November 12, 2010

Romantic Guitar - Tony Mottola

Tony Mottola
Romatic Guitar
Command Records RS 847 SD

Many of the Command label recordings are only available on good old vinyl. This one can be found on CD.

This recording was originated and produced by Enoch Light. The cover was art directed by Charles E. Murphy who was responsible for creating a minimalist design trend on album jacket during the early 60s.

As usual, the engineering on this record is amazing. I'm listening to a very clean copy, through headphones and the audio is outstanding. Mottola's guitar is left channel and the back up instruments are right channel. The effect of listening to the record on a good stereo would be even better. It sounds like Mottola is sitting playing his guitar right next to me.

The album is a smoky smooth, on the light side of jazz, spiced up with vibraphone, organ and bongos.

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  1. Tony Motolla is great and he made alot of records. I run across ones that I don't already have all the time!


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