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Monday, November 8, 2010

Harry Owens And His Royal Hawaiians

Cool Head - Main Thing
Harry Owens And His Royal Hawaiians
Voice Of The Trade Winds
Capitol T333

Harry Owens wikipedia page. 

Owens arrived in Hawaii in 1934 when he became the music director of The Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Owens became a great advocated of Hawaii. He set about studying local culture which included writing down many traditional Hawaiian songs which he orchestrated in Western notation (many songs for the first time).

Bing Crosby, having heard Owens work,  persisted that Owens tune Sweet Leilani be used in his film Waikiki Wedding. The song won Best Song category at the 1938 10th Academy Awards and became Crosby's first gold record.

Despite these achievements, this album seems late to scene in 1957. The record had to compete with the emergence of exotica recordings and many other tropical themed albums that were stylistically more sophisticated for the times.

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