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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cocktails With Cavallaro

Return To Me
Cocktails With Cavallaro
Decca Records DL 8805

Carmen Cavallaro on piano with rhythm accompaniment back in the day when everyone was drinking to everything and proud of it!

According to a story in the April 4, 1960 issue of Billboard, Decca designated the month of April as Carmen Cavallaro Month, in honor of the pianist's 20th year with the company, and in honor of his new album (this one).  The article goes on to mention that special "kits" have been made up for salesmen to promote Cavallaro sets (of "pre-packed") records.


  1. I always thought Cavallaro was boring . I had gotten a couple of 78's by him when I first started collecting and soon left off with collecting him. He's in my Montovani category of things not to buy. lol.

  2. It is perfect soundtrack music for your next Cocktail part Check out "Latin Beats" by cavallaro


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