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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hi-Fi - Antics - Meri Ellen And Her Cohorts

I Cried For You
Hi-Fi- Antics
Meri Ellen And Her Cohorts
Featuring Guest Star Don Elliott
Design Records DLP 63

This is a a great space age/exotica/jazz album/comedy album. I can't find any information on Meri Ellen and her "cohorts" online. Strange, this record too wicked cool to be lost to history!

The album kicks off with cover of Hawaiian War Chant. Ellen parodies Yma Sumac to a tee at the start of the song and then she makes a crack about the song and then the tune shifts to the slightly humorous. None of the songs break down completely into parody, just a light touch here and there and then back to real exotica or jazz. There are a number of tunes that are played straight and are fabulous.

You've got me, Funny Valentine, Cry Me A River (Ellen is SMOKING sexy hot on this one) and I Cried For You are the straight forward tunes. Ellen displays great range and awesome talent.


  1. AMAZING is all I can say! I would kill to hear My Funny Valentine. This is on my want list now for sure.

  2. I have a UK pressing on Gala Records (GLP 324) and I agree with you, there are some brilliant tracks.

  3. I havea UK pressing of this on Gala Records (GLP 324) and it has some very fine tracks indeed. Wish there was more info.


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