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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Real Relaxation

Daytime Relaxation
Real Relaxation
A Prime Key To Good Health
Gol Records, Lexington MA 1970

Vanity press record by Gladys Ruth Kanter who for some reason refers to herself as "Gol, a graduate Public Health Nurse".

Side A is a lesson in "relaxation techniques of letting go". As in... keep letting go of your buttocks and other parts of your body. I was concerned about letting go of my buttocks. This particular exercise may have prompted Gol to print this cautionary note on the back cover: To obtain the most benefit from this record, be sure not to strain, grunt, or hold your breath at any time during your practice.

I found it humorous that after, say... the first 20 minutes of the A side Gol tells us to relax, maybe go to sleep for the next 5 minuets. After that… nothing. The disc is blank for the next 5 minuets.

That 5 minuets of blank LP... I paid for that part of the LP and didn't get anything for my money. I'm upset about that and just can't let go.

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  1. That is the funniest thing EVER. Please, Mark, don't let your buttocks go!!


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