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Monday, March 8, 2010

Music For Expectant Fathers

Spanish Garden
Music For Expectant Fathers - Out Of Wedlock
Larry Williams Quartette
Recorded Live At The Malibu Lounge-Hapeville, GA
Talent Mart Production
Kin-Tel Studios 196?

I can find no information on this oddball record. A total low budget whacked project. A "Talent Mart Production"? You've got to love the jacket.

The music is uneven as a package, some live numbers, some cornball lounge and some cooking lounge tunes and a few songs that are just way out... Take for instance this guitar instrumental, Spanish Garden!

These guys were rocking! They must have been a great live act!



  1. That is fabulous! Love the tune. What a riot that cover and title are. great stuff!

  2. Hi~ Hope this reaches you. I have searched off and on for info on this for years. My dad, Dave Rubin performed on this record. I have the album...but alas, no way to play it. I lost my dad seven years ago. This album was the first time that I heard "Danny Boy" recorded as a child. This past May, my youngest son graduated from college (he shared a unique relationship with my dad) and as we were sitting and waiting for the ceremony to begin...the band played, "Danny Boy"....needless to say, I lost it. It was like my dad was smiling down on his youngest grandchild saying, "Way to go!'
    Glad that I stumbled upon this.
    Karen Rubin Brown

  3. the guitar player on this album is glenn thomas norcross and gainesville ga.


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