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Monday, March 21, 2022

Coast To Coast - Joe & Eddie



Joe & Eddie
Coast To Coast
Engineer: Phil Yeend
GNP Crescendo Records ST 90035

From the back cover: Joe Gilbert and Eddie Brown, both 21, began singing together in high school in Berkeley, California. They entered a talent contest and since they were fast friends and didn't want to compete with each other, they entered as a team. Naturally, they won and have been inseparable since. There followed engagements at the Purple Onion and The Hungry i in San Francisco, then the Interlude and Troubador in Hollywood. They made their first GNP Crescendo Album in the summer of 1962, which won them a loyal following on a national scale. Then 1963 was the year, indeed, that everything fell in place and the boys started to "happen" in a spectacular way. T.V. became their "not-too-secret" weapon. They have appeared on the "Lively Ones," The Jackie Gleason Show; Danny Kaye was so impressed with their first shot on his T.V. show he brought them back for a quick return. A regular place on the show is now a certainty. They are also to be featured on the "Hootenanny" T.V. show, as well as tour with the Jack Linkletter concert series... coast to coast. But let's not forget films... they were the hit of MGM's "Hootenanny Hoot." Said the director when he saw the final print: "Had I known they were so great, we would have had them do three times as many songs!" – Gene Norman

What' That I Hear
The First Time
Farewell My Cindy Jane
San Francisco Bay Blues
The Water Is Wide
I Love A Lass
Make A Long-Time Man Feel Bad
Sing Hallelujah!

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