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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Give Me You - Roslyn Kind


The Shape Of Things To Come

Give Me You
Roslyn Kind
Arranged and Conducted by Lee Holdridge & *Pete Dino
Produced by Ernie Altschuler and Pierre G. Maheu
Recording Engineers: Jim Crotty, Paul Goodman and John Woram
Recorded in RCA's Studio B, New York City
RCA Stereo LSP-4138

From the back cover: It's rare to find a girl of eighteen who has already made up her mind concerning the shape of her future. It's even rarer that this same girl already possesses, at the very dawn of her career, a talent as fully developed and mature as one would expect of a thoroughly seasoned and experienced professional. Nevertheless, here is such a girl. Her name is Roslyn Kind.

Graduating from high school in June 1968, Roslyn quickly cleared her mind of matters academic to begin a singing career. This album was recorded just two months later and was released in January, coincidental with her first professional appearance – at the hungry i in San Francisco.

Give Me You
The Fool On The Hill
Summer Tree
It You Must Leave My Life
Can I Stop The Rain
It's A Beautiful Day*
Who Am I?
A Modern Day Version Of Love
It Was Only A Dream
I Own The World
The Shape Of Things To Come

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  1. I miss the salient detail in the comment that she is the half sister of Barbra Streisand.


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