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Sunday, December 8, 2019

The In Instrumentals - Kai Winding

On Broadway
The In Instrumentals
Kai Winding
Produced by Creed Taylor
Director of Engineering: Val Valentin
Engineer: Brooks Authur
Cover Design: Ace Lehman
Kai Winding's tuxedo by Stu Marshal
Verve V-8639

Cumulative Personnel:

Kai Winding: Trombone and Leader
Wayne Andre: Trombone
Jimmy Cleveland: Trombone
Bill Watrous: Trombone
Tony Studd: Bass Trombone
John Frosk: Trumpet & Fluglehorn
Irv Markowitz: Trumpet & Fluglehorn
Joe Shepley: Trumpet & Fluglehorn
Everett Barksdale: Electric Guitar
Eric Gale: Guitar
Bill Suyker: Guitar
Al Gorgoni: Guitar
Russ Savakus: Fenderbass Guitar
Paul Griffin: Piano, Organ & Harpsichord
Jerry Ragovoy: Piano
Gary Chester: Drums
Jack Jennings: Percussion
Charles DeAngelis: Tenor & Alto Sax, B Flat Clarinet, Flute & Alto Flute


Manny Green: Violin
Harry Katzman: Violin
Leo Kruczek: Violin
Harry Lookofsky: Violin
Gene Orloff: Violin
Max Pollikoff: Violin
Paul Winter: Violin
Al Brown: Viola
David Mankovitz: Viola
Peter Makas: Cello
George Ricci: Cello
Sol Shapiro: Cello
George Duvivier: Bass

From the back cover: Kai Winding has made the scene since the Frantic Forties, when he appeared with Sonny Dunham, Alvino Rey, Benny Goodman and Stan Kenton. In 1954, he and J. J. Johnson, another extraordinary trombonist, formed a combo so different that it is now historic – two trombonists and a rhythm section. Not even a guitar, chaps, just to give them a real challenge.

Maybe that's Kai Winding''s bit – challenge. For here is an acknowledged jazz great moving in on the turf of the "mods" and "rockers." But is not the old "battle of music" gig at all. He's moving in because he digs the current scene, and he feels how close his jazz roots are to The Rock. He's not fighting – he's marrying. And it is just this marriage that makes this collection such an exciting experience. – Notes by Gilbert S. McKea

On Broadway - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Yesterday - Arranged by Garry Sherman
You've Got That Lovin' Feelin' - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Georgia On My Mind - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Looking Through The Eyes Of Love - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Mohair Sam - Arranged by Kai Winding
Sign Of The Times - Arranged by Kai Winding
You've Got Your Troubles - Arranged by Don Sebesky
I Know A Place - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Spanish Harlem - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Anyone Who Had A Heart - Arranged by Don Sebesky
Foxy - Arranged by Kai Winding

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