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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Japan Revisited - Mamoru Miyagi

Tanko Bushi
Japan Revisited
Featuring Mamoru Miyagi
And the Graduates of Tokyo's University of Arts
Capitol Records T10195

From the back cover: Capitol is privileged to present a truly unique long-playing record in "Japan Revisited."

Recorded in Tokyo in astonishingly modern studios, the music features the great Mamoru Miyagi, son of the late – and internationally noted – Michio Miyagi, the favorite Japanese composer and koto virtuoso of the Twentieth Century.

Young Mamoru is renowned as a shakuhachi (Bamboo flute) soloist. Along with him are heard graduates of the University of Arts, in Tokyo, playing authentic Japanese instruments and songs.

Notes on the twelve tracks of the record are by N. Ishizaka, who produced the album in Tokyo.

Sakura Sakura
Tanko Bushi
Kojo No Tsuki
Oedo Nihombashi
Matsuri Bayashi
Shishi No Kyoku
Chugoku-Chiho Komoriuta
Shinnai Nagashi

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