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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Redskin Romp - Charlie Barnet

Along The Santa Fe Trail
Redskin Romp
Charlie Barnet And His Orchestra
Arrangements by Billy May
Cover: Jim Flora
RCA Victor LPM 1091

From Billboard - June 4, 1955: Here's a tastefully conceived and executed album of Barnet instrumentals featuring 12 arrangements by Billy May of tunes with American Indian title themes, ranging from the familiar "Cherokee" and a swingy "Iroquois" to an exciting "Comanche War Dance." Thruout the LP, May's distinctive style (particularly noteworthy on a unique version of "Indian Love Call") furnishes a perfect showcase for Barnet's driving beat and musicianship.

Comanche War Dance
Pale Moon
Redskin Mambo
By The Waters Of Minnetonka
Indian Love Call
From The Land Of The Sky Blue Waters
Indian Summer
Along The Santa Fe Trail
Wahoo's Lament

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