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Monday, June 19, 2017

Jet Flight - Norrie Paramor

Norrie Paramor's
Jet Flight
Brilliant Listening Music by England's Finest Orchestra
Capitol Records
Recorded In London

Font cover color photo of the Boeing 101 in flight courtesy of Pan American World Airways
Paramor photo by Derek Allen

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art.

This set did not impress me as a mood package. I did enjoy a few individual songs, but the overall tone from track to track changed too drastically to keep me engaged. Paramor also hadn't, on this release, teamed up with soprano Patricia Clarke, a vocal feature which makes his work special. However, one reason for the package direction would be that Capitol was pushing heavily into the new stereo market and, like other labels of the time, was pressed to show the "high-end" or "modern" record buying crowd the diverse new sounds that their recording engineers could lay down on vinyl.

From Billboard - October 20, 1958: Paramor's smooth keyboards and attractive sound effects highlight this instrumental tour of 10 countries. "Barcelona" and "Jumpin' Johannesburg" are standouts. Striking cover shot of Pan-Am's new jet.

Holiday In London (England)
Rainy Night In Paris (France)
Venetian Blue (Italy)
Barcelona (Spain)
Jumpin' Johannesburg (South Africa)
Brazilian Hangover (Brazil
Honolulu Honeymoon (Hawaii)
Sydney Stopover (Australia)
Evening On Tokyo's Sumida (Japan)
Sunday At Chapultepec (Mexico)
Majorca (Spain)
Sunset On The Tiber (Italy)

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