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Friday, December 30, 2016

For Latin Lovers - Carmen Cavallaro

Deep Night
For Latin Lovers
Carmen Cavallaro
Piano Solos With Orchestra And Rhythm Accompaniment
Decca DL 8325

From Billboard - March 9, 1957: Cavallaro has a steady following and this package of danceable Latin-styled sides should suit their sales fancy. Standout keyboard work on 1 terpable selections, including some of Cavallaro's biggest former singles hits – "The Moon Was Yellow," "Anna," "Enlloro," etc. For jockeys with popish Latin American segs as well as Cavallaro fans.

From the back cover: In musical circles, one of the most difficult tasks to undertake is a change of style or the addition of a different style, after playing for a long time in a particular manner. In 1950, after many successful years as a popular pianist-orchestra leader, Carmen disbanded his orchestra to perform as a soloist, feeling that this would provide him with greater musical flexibility. Always on the alert for changing trends, he decided that in addition to his free style, he would add a rhythm section to cover a wider scope of the music he was to undertake. Carmen demonstrated in no uncertain terms that he could successfully adapt his talents to whatever popular taste required. He completely captivated a thrilled audience at New York's "Embers" with a jazz technique that is as dramatic as it is startling. New York Waldorf-Astoria and Chicago's Palmer House were also scenes of recent triumphs by Cavallaro.

Miami Beach Rhumba
Enlloro (Voodoo Moon)
Deep Night
The Moon Was Yellow
Cancion Del Mar
Rhumba Maria

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