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Monday, December 1, 2014

Chinary Ung & Conrad Cummings

Tall Wind (band 1)
Chinary Ung
Conrad Cummings
CRI SD 487

Enjoy a sample from an obscure, but excellent contemporary set.

Beast Songs
Texts by Michael McClure
Susan Beiling, soprano; members of the Brooklyn Philharmonic (Paul Dunkel, flutist; John Moses, clarinetist; Kenneth Bowen, pianist; Robert Chausow, violinist; Jerry Grossman, cellist); Conrad Cummings, conductor

Tall Wind (Tall Wind, Sunset, Sonnet)
Poems by e. e. cummings
Joan Heller, soprano; Keith Underwood, flutist; Robert Atherholt, oboist; David Starobin, guitarist; Chris Finckel, cellist; Arthur Wiesberg, conductor

Khse Buon
Marc Johnson, cellist.

Summer Air
The New Music Cosort (Susan Deaver, flutist; Robert Atherholt, oboist; Virgil Blackwell, soprano saxophonist; Curtis Macomber, violinist; Louis Martin, violist; Clarie Heldrich and William A Trigg, percussionists; Barbara Allen, harpist); Conrad Cummings, conductor

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