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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dinner In Rio - Fafa Lemos And His Orchestra

Dinner In Rio
Fafa Lemos And His Orchestra
RCA Victor LPM-1017

Available from online digital vendors, so I will not be posting a sample.

This sweet and light mood pop set features a nice cover of Brazil and Baia (a peppy track that includes whistling). For some reason (perhaps a popular dish), RCA included a recipe for Shrimp with hearts of palm and coconut milk on the back cover.

From the back cover: Fafa Lemos himself was born in Rio. He began to study the violin at the age of seven, and when he was thirteen, appeared as soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Rio. At eighteen he was playing first violin in the Rio Symphony, but several years later left the classical field for a lucrative job as soloist in the Casino de Urca. In 1947 he organized his own orchestra, which performed at Rio's better clubs. In 1951, he became an exclusive RCA Victor recording artist, producing several hits, of which Granfino is perhaps the best known abroad.

These recordings were made on March 31, April 5 and 7, 1954, in RCA Victor's Hollywood studios, under the supervision of Herman Diaz Jr.

Nem Eu (Not I)
Ita No Norte (The Boat From The North)
Mama Eu Quero (I Want My Mama)
Risque (Erase It)
Nos Tres (We Three)
Gracioso (Graceful)
Ninguem Me Ama (Nobody Loves Me)

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