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Sunday, April 13, 2014

City Nights - Mystic Moods Orchestra

Fallen Angel
City Nights
Mystic Moods Orchestra
Sound Bird
Ranwood Records
A division of CRT Record Group

Dated 1974 on the record label and titled "Simple Pleasures".

The tracks on this Mystic Moods are tied together (for the most part) by the ambient environmental sounds these albums are known for.

This example seems less cohesive as a "mood" concept compared to other, earlier Mystic Mood albums, but the 70s funk groove makes up for the perceived overall lack of continuity.

Your Place Of Mine
Keep Me Warm
The Sound Of Love
Down Easy
The Other Side Of Midnight
Anyway You Want It
Honey Trippin'
The Magician
Get It While The Getting' Is Good
Midnight Snack

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