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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gypsy Moods - Bela Babai

Le Canari
Gypsy Moods
Bela Babai
King of the Gypsy Violin and his Orchestra
Epic LN 3363

From the back cover: Mr. Babai's interest in music, and in the violin particularly, was engendered when he was only four and was taken by his father to hear the great Joseph Szigeti in recital. The boy was so delighted that he begged his father for a violin, but at that age he could not manage a regular instrument, and his father procured a miniature instrument for him. With this beginning he practiced steadily and haunted the concert halls, listening to great artists and studying their techniques; this, in fact, was his only training. But by the time he was twelve, he was touring Europe as a prodigy, playing the haunting gypsy melodies he had learned. And he has continued his career in America. In this program, he presents a fascinating group of gypsy airs, some familiar, some new to most American ears.

Fly My Swallow
Waves Of The Lake
Hora in A Minor
When You See Me Day After Day
Monte's Czardas
Le Canari
Ice Flowers Were Blooming When I Met You
Palm Road
My Darling Ann

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