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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Perez Prado - And His Famous Latin Orchestra

Uncredited Track
Perez Prado And His Famous Latin Orchestra
French Latin Orchestra
Ultraphonic 50323

That's Prado sandwiched between two fine models on the cover of this budget Ultraphonic release.

Apparently Ultraphonic had, on hand, about four Prado tracks and the rest of the album was filler. It is fairly easy to determine which tracks are "French Latin Orchestra" (the B side). There are a few tracks on the A side that are not credited on the cover or label. I selected one of those tracks to present as the sample above because the Prado tracks can be found online elsewhere. I also selected one of the "French Latin" tracks for your enjoyment.


  1. Hi, Mark,

    Congrats for your sites!

    Let's see. I got a MUSICAL MISTERY I'd like to solve. These two scenes & are from 1st storie of Julien Duvivier's 1942 film 'Tales of Manhattan'.

    Besides Spanish voices, the melody listened behind was put by same Spanish dubbing studio instead of Sol Kaplan's original score -a common practice in those days when voices & music were in the same track.

    This piano with strings song clearly belongs to the lounge/easy listening style. The questions are: What song is about? Who's performing? And, but not least, who's the composer?

    I''ll be very thankful if you (or anyone among the specialists in this musical field you might know) could give any clue.

    Best regards from Spain,


  2. This track featured here is recording of Noro Morales playing a tune titled "Un Porquito De Amore". Really interesting that they didn't credit it the Noro Morales, as they owned the tracks and he was almost as well known as Prez Prado was at the time.

    1. Thank you for these insights! I enjoy reading your comments!


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