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Monday, August 19, 2013

Boozers And Losers - Claire Hogan

Boozers And Losers
Boozers And Losers
Claire Hogan
Produced and Conceived by Cy Coleman
MGM Records SE-4501

Hogan's is a unique club/lounge singer. Her vocals are blended with the bright Ellis pop flavored arrangements to make a surprise album find for me. Engaging sound all the way through.

From the back cover: After work my trio and I (Cy Coleman) would go over to an after-hours place called "The Black Magic Room" to hear a singer with an unusual style call Claire Hogan.

Also from the back cover: I (Cy Coleman) recalled a superb mood album I had heard many years back by Bille Holiday called "Lady In Satin" which had tasteful arrangements by Ray Ellis and the right feel for our project. I called Ray, he came over, got excited and started scoring.

I'm Always Drunk In San Francisco
Boozers And Losers
Good Times
I'll Pay The Check
Whiffenproof Song
Sometimes When You're Lonely
Falling In Love With Love
After The Ball
Travenlin' Light
I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life
Here I Go Again

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