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Friday, August 3, 2012

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet
Electronic Music By Louis And Bebe Barron
MGM Soundtrack
Planet Records PR-001

Forbidden Planet (released in 1956) could be my favorite science fiction film of all time. The story, the art direction and effects are outstanding and still amaze me today. I was also transfixed through the years by the soundtrack. The soundtrack, the first full electronic score for a movie, was realized by a husband and wife team, Louis and Bebe Barron. The story behind the soundtrack and why it wasn't released (for the first time) until 1976 can be found on the Forbidden Planet Wiki page.

This is a terrific electronic recording was made eight long years before the Moog synthesizer was inventive. I like electronic music from this period because it sounds more "organic" to me.

So I was excited when I stumbled across this autographed copy. I've seen one other copy signed in green marker this way. I was wondering what the notation "Copy #724" in the upper left corner might mean? Was there a signing session and the Barron's numbered copies?


  1. Yes there was a signing session. I think there were only 1500 signed by them. Green was another color of ink they used as well. I have copy #1044. Very cool!

    1. Thank you for the signing session info and pointing out the significance of the "copy" number. Mark

  2. Very cool find! I hope I will find one too some day.


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