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Monday, July 4, 2011

Project: Comstock - Frank Comstock

Project Comstock
Frank Comstock And His Orchestra
Music From Outer Space
Warner Bros. W1463

This LP is available on CD although there seem to be fewer and fewer copies floating around out there.

This is one of those vintage albums that features stellar cover art that is a "have-to-have" for collectors like myself that buy albums as much for the artwork as the music. The image and type treatments are simple, but the cover seems graphically fresh today.

Instruments and artists include an Electronic Violin played by Elliot Fisher. The Theremin played by Paul Tanner and Bobby Hammack and Buddy Cole playing the Novachord and Hammand Organ.

The music is really a mix of space age easy listening and "sci-fi" soundtrack effects. It's the balance/blend of the two and the overall vibe of the album that makes this recording work so well for me. The album never completely slides into soundtrack or easy listening. The vibe is dreamy and a touch somber without being heavy.

Comstock was the long-time recording musical director for the jazz vocal group The Hi-Lo's and he arranged for Les Brown. He also worked with Doris Day and Rosemary Clooney.

I would also suggest picking up a copy of Russ Garcia's Fantastica - Music From Outer Space.

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