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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Dee-Latin Hi-Fi Organ - Lenny Dee



Hi-Fi Organ
Lenny Dee with Latin American Rhythm
Decca Records DL 8718

From the back cover: The trouble with a lot of music-lovers, as somebody once remarked, is that they don't have any fun with music. Too knowledgeable for comfort and too highbrow by half, they listen to music with a cooly discernible ear and look down their patrician noses at anything even faintly resembling a syncopated beat. To suggest to them that Bach, Brahms or Beethoven can be fun is sacrilege. To suggest that the other famous three B's – barrelhouse, boogie-woogie and the blues – can be music is an outrage. Fortunately, that kind of music-lover is so in the minority that if you're extremely careful about the friends you make you may be spared ever meeting one. Meanwhile, the fun to be had out of music of any kind is almost boundless.

One gentlemen who has a great deal of fun out of music is Lenny Dee. Staring with the accordion and the banjo when he was a boy, he switched to the organ at the Chicago Conservatory after a three-year stint in the Navy. He's been having a great time ever since playing for club dates, radio and television and for a series of highly successful Decca albums.

A large part of the fun Lenny Dee gets out of playing his custom-built, specially modified Hammond organ is in the amazing variety of sounds he can make it produce. He can make it strum like a banjo, beat like a tom-tom and, happily enough for this particular album, sound like an entire rhumba band.

Mambo Jambo
Walther Winchell Rhumba
Ja Da
(When We Are Dancing) I Get Ideas
Begin The Beguine
Sweet And Gentle (Me Lo Dijo Adela)
El Cumbanchero
Cherry Pink (And Apple Blossom White)
Mambo No. 5
Te Quiero Dijiste

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