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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Dance The Bop! - Ray Conniff

Hand Around
Dance The Bop!
Ray Conniff and His Orchestra and Chorus
The Cool Cat Says
"How To Dance The Bop" Instruction Booklet Enclosed
Columbia CL 1004

From Billboard - April 29, 1957: Ray Conniff's recent album, "'S Wonderful," is on The Billboard's most-played jockey list right now, and his lively new package should have an even stronger impact on the LP market. It's loaded with appeal for teen-agers. The selections – some instrumental, others combining voices with instruments, but always with a solid rock and roll beat – were all penned by Connie and include "Walkin' The Bop," "Just Boppin'," "Honky-Tonk Rock-Around," etc. An eight-page illustrated booklet, "How To Dance The Bop," is added sales incentive.

Walkin' The Bop
The Drop
Just Boppin'
Doin' The Twister
The Flea Hop
Cross Over
Walkin' The Bop Again
Swingin' The Bop
Hand Around
Play A Gittar Solo
The Spinner
Honky-Tonk Rock-Around

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