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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hot Rods & Dragsters In Hi-Fi

The Donnelly and Bolthoff 1934 Ford with a Chevy engine. 
They finally did get it running and it made excellent time.
Hot Rods & Dragsters In Hi-Fi
Produced by Bill Carter and Barrett Clark
Notes by Barrett Clark
Cover produced and designed by Ray Fowler
Mastered by Jack Matthews
Recorded at the 5th Annual National Hot Rod Championship Drag Races; Detroit Michigan; Labor Day Weekend, 1959
RLP 1154

The LP features 35 bands of engine noise.


  1. I would love to hear this whole album if you would consider posting it.

  2. hello,
    great information on this classic album. my three questions:
    1. how did you get an mp3 off of this old LP album?

    2. what program did you use to convert the LP to mp3 or mp4? were you able to place an mp3 version of the track on your blog?

  3. To answer your question in short: USB turntable to computer as mp3. There is a line of code that calls the file from server.

  4. hello,
    thank you...after you hook up the usb turntable to the computer, did you have to use a specific program on the computer to get the LP album transferred to an mp3 or 4?

    1. The freeware that is packaged with most all, if not all new turntables has worked for me over the years. Experiment as you go along, maybe upgrade the cartridge and keep fresh needles handy.


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