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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

San Franciscan Nights - Living Guitars

Somebody To Love

Baby, You're A Rich Man
San Franciscan Nights
Living Guitars
Produced by Ethel Gabriel
RCA Camden CAS-2192

From the back cover: Living Guitars with a Mind-Expanding Sound

It took a long time for sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar to master the intricate 2,000-year-old raga form of India.

It took a long time for San Friancisco to develop from a bustling frontier town – "an American dream; includes Indians too" – to the place the hippies call home.

It took a long time for artists such as Jefferson Airplane, the Beatles and Bobbie Gentry to develop the exceptional styles that swung them into the spotlight.

It didn't take long for the Living Guitars to get ahold of what's happening and adapt today's rhythms and harmonies to their own styling with refinements and special techniques. From listening to their super sound, it would seem the Living Guitars have been playing together entice raga began. They succeed in fusing electronics with melody. No matter how psychedelic – "minds move; walls do too" – the song, the common denominator here is always melody.

It didn't take long for the ten songs included in this album to become big hits across the nation. Title song San Franciscan Nights could well be the anthem of flower children, and a great showcase it is for the nineteen string sitar. Originally recorded by Eric Burden and the Animals this tune moved quickly from the underground to overwhelm pop listeners.

Bobbie Gentry's haunting Ode To Bille Joe zoomed to first place on the charts in only four weeks.

Jefferson Airplane" yesterday the West Coast; today the world. Somebody to Love is big league.

Beards, beads, capes, tattoos – yes, of course. Put on granny glasses. Turn on, turn on. It's Haight-Ashbury – "jeans of blue, Harley-Davidsons too." Perhaps you need props in Haight, but you don't need them to enjoy this album. Everyone loves good arrangements, superb musicianship, great rock songs. It's universal!

San Francisco
A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Ruby Tuesday
Ode To Billie Joe
San Franciscan Nights
Somebody To Love
Be Not Too Loud
Out And About
Baby, You're A Rich Man

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