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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dynamite - Supersax

Gloomy Sunday
MPS International

All arrangements except II/2 by Med Flory
Produced by Hans George Brunner-Schwer
Recorded 1978 - Published 1980

Supersax… and super tight. Enjoy the terrific cover of Gloomy Sunday!

From the back cover: Supersax plays "orchestrated Charlie Parker." That's how the group has become known all over the (jazz) world. This is their trade mark. Nevertheless, one of the more prominent American record companies wanted them to play Beatles songs with strings. Imagine, this was their condition to keep Supersax under contract! Med Flory and his musicians, of course, declined – which does not necessarily mean that they are not willing to expand their music. But they are expanding from musical, not commercial viewpoints.

The Fruit
Blues For Alice
Tempus Fugit
Parisian Thoroughfare
Gloomy Sunday
Dance Of The Road Dogs
Parker's Mood

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