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Monday, October 27, 2014

Flutists' Showcase

Pavane - Ravel - Geargart
Flutists' Showcase
Directed by Frederick Wilkins
Golden Crest Records
CR 4020

Terrific Golden Crest cover design. The set features more "moody" tracks amongst the "standards" such as Flight Of The Bumble Bee.

Nice set.

Scherzino (Three flutes in C and piano)
Soliloquy (For solo flute)
Intermezzi (For three flutes in C)
Danse of The Mirlitons (Three flutes in C and piano)
Sursum Corda (For flutes in C)
Grand Quartet in E Minor (For four flutes in C)
Flight Of The Bumble Bee (Three flutes in C and piano)
Canon (For two flutes in C and Alto flute in G)
The Swiss Shepherd (Played on the E flute)
Quintet (For four flutes in C with piano)

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