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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Everybody Loves A Lover - Eric Delaney

Who Needs You

Everybody Loves A Lover
Eric Delaney And His Orchestra
Diplomat 2289

Here's another example of one of those curious early 60s albums that feature male/female chorus non-words like "doo-doo". Almost every song features some form of chorus "doo-doos" Except the last song... which is full of La-La. The LP features nice jazzy big band arrangements.

"Budget" Diplomat spent some money and created a professional looking cover and marketed the record as though it had been recorded on 35MM film. Possibly... but this is a "mono" rather than a "stereo" pressing?

Curiously, I just happened to pick this record off the stack this morning and while researching online, I found Eric Delaney's obituary (published today).

Everybody Loves A Lover
A Very Special Love
Teacher, Teacher
It's Not For Me To Say
Happy Anniversary
Chances Are
Who Needs You
I Never Felt Like Falling In Love
You're Gonna Lose Your Gal
La Plume De Ma Tante

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