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Friday, April 12, 2013

Excitement Incorporated - Ray Martin

The Breeze And I
Excitement Incorporated
Ray Martin And His Orchestra
Stereo Action
RCA Victor LSA-2422

From Billboard, October 16, 1961: Excitement is certainly no understatement for this top-notch musical LP with the accent on sound. The Ray Martin ork, with strings and voices is dazzling, percussive and comes across with a mean ballad when the occasion demands. The recording, like the other numbers in this "Stereo Action" series, is tantalizingly clever as it moves from one speaker to the other. Current success of the albums in this series should get strong competition from the fine new set.

Curious that the Billboard reviewer found the stereo "tantalizingly clever". I thought the "stereo action" on this series entry excessive at times. There is a lot of, what sounds like, bouncing "mono" from channel to channel, rather than true stereo. The trend to produce this kind of "effects" record seems late to the party in 1961. Still, the set is engaging, as noted in the review.

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  1. Yes the "stereo" on this is quite the novelty!


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