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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Exotic Sounds Of Bali

The Exotic Sounds Of Bali
Balinese Music Performed By
Gamelan Gong Sekar Anjar And
Gender Wajang Quartet
Under The Direction Of Dr. Mantle Hood
Columbia Odyssey 32 16 0366

Along with early electronic music, which drives some folks nuts, I also enjoy driving them nuts with a good Balinese tune now and then. I personally become hypnotized by the flowing rhythmic quality of the assembled tones. If I remember correctly, I was first introduced to and fascinated by Gamelan as I heard snatches of the influence on a King Crimson LP many years ago.

This LP features outstanding engineering that captures the richness of the performances to the point that you can sense the vibration of the "gongs", through your speakers.

From the back cover: Legong is music played at the opening of a legong performance, perhaps the most highly developed dance form in Bali. The performers are three small girls who, after several years of rigid training, are finally considered ready for public appearance. For a brief two or three years they continue their appearances, perfecting their technique and learning new choreographies. Their physical appearance to the audience is one of preadolescent grace, and they are retired with the approach of puberty.

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