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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Guitar And You - Music For An After Hours Mood

Harlem Noctourne
A Guitar And You
Music For An After Hours Mood
Somerset P-3500

Here's another one of those well crafted albums you discover occasionally when collecting Somerset. To be sure, the cheesecake cover is fab, but I expected to hear a standard set of period easy listening music. However, what you hear is a small combo jazz set featuring Joe Sgro playing electric guitar (no acoustic on this LP). Additional credits go to Vince Montana - vibes, Joseph Kuhn - bass and Jack Cassidy - drums. D. L. Miller (Somerset was Miller's label) gives himself credit for "session direction".

There isn't much to be found on Sgro online other than he was well thought of as an instructor. This may have been his only project? However, if you google him you will find a short YouTube interview (an outtake from documentary titled Philly Pop Music).

Credit for the album jacket go to Frank Zimmerman - photo and Joseph Krush - cover art.

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