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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Spinning Wheel - Howard Roberts


Crystal Illusions

Howard Roberts
Spinning Wheel
Produced by David Axelrod
Capitol Records ST-336

From the back cover: As for Howard Robert, well, you know him: electric guitar, for jazz solos and the like; acoustic guitar, played with fingers instead of pick, on the hillbilly-flavored Country Scuffle; rock type solid body guitar, and Benson amplifier complete with switch to add distortion, on Gasoline Alley.

Five musicians with a keenly honed sense of time, of space (listen to the use of spacing on Cantaloupe Island), of meter (notice the moment in Jobim's tune Captain Bacardi where four beats are superimposed over the space or three – or if you can't figure it out, forget it and enjoy the music). Also a sense of humor, very strong in the approach to Spinning Wheel. Unless, of course, you prefer to swallow it straight.

Producer David Axelrod shares Howard's enthusiasm over the diversity and sense of fulfillment represented by this new step forward in the Roberts career. "They enjoyed the freedom," he says. "We had no limitation on time, style, source of material, anything.

Spinning Wheel
Country Scuffle
Gasoline Alley
Bros. Of Serendipity
More Today Than Yesterday
Cantaloupe Island
Captain Bacardi
Crystal Illusions

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