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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Crime In The Streets - Franz Waxman


The Crime

Crime In The Streets
Music by Franz Waxman... From "Crime In The Streets"
Based on themes originally recorded for the Sound Track of the Allied Artist Film
And Music For Jazz Orchestra
Three Sketches and Theme, Variations and Fugato
Recorded In Hollywood
Decca Records DL 8376

From the back cover: Franz Waxman, one of the most gifted contemporary composers and conductors was born in Germany and studied music in Dresden and Berlin. He came to the United States in 1934 and has made his home in Los Angeles. In 1947 he founded the Los Angeles Music Festival Concerts which, besides the well known classical repertoire, have each year presented first performances of outstanding contemporary works by international composers. In addition, Mr. Waxman has guest-conducted in Europe and Israel. His activities as composer also include the musical scores for some of the most important motion picture productions. He was twice honored with the Academy Award: "Sunset Boulevard" in 1950 and "A Place In The Sun" in 1951. His "Carmen Fantaise," which he wrote for Jascha Heifetz, has become a standard work in the violinists' repertoire, and his Symphonietta for String Orchestra and Timpani has been recorded for DECCA.

For "Crime In The Streets," Mr. Waxman composed one of the screen's most distinctive scores. Unique in its brevity, but powerfully effective, it is a musical masterpiece in miniature. Written in the idiom of modern, organized, exciting jazz, it reflects with shocking vividness every nuance of feeling in the story's strong emotional line.

First presented on Television by the Elgin Playhouse in 1955, "Crime In The Streets" is the story of Frankie Dane, juvenile gang leader. It is a tense dramatic story which runs the gamut of human emotion.

The music of Franz Waxman brilliantly underscores the shifting moods as they are shown in their varying degrees throughout the picture. As a motion picture score, or purely as a listening piece, "Crime In The Streets" is a power house.

Music from the Allied Artist Film Crime In The Street (A Lindbrook Production)
Part 1 - The Plot
Part 2 - The Crime
Part 3 - The Celebration

Music For Jazz Orchestra - Three Sketches
1. Nostalgia
2. Song
3. Blues
4. Theme, Variations and Fugato

Theme: Jack Dumont - Alto
Variation: Joe Mandragon - Bass
Variation: Charles Gentry - Tenor Bariton
Variation: Ray Turner - Piano
Variation: Pete Condoli - Trumpet

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