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Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Music Of Gonzalo Curiel & Consuelo Velazquez - Joe Loco

Una Canción En La Noche - Curiel
Cachito - Velazquez
The Music Of Gonzalo Curiel
And Consuelo Velazquez
Joe Loco
His Piano and Rhythm
Ansonia ALP 1253
Volume 2

From the back cover: Just a few short years ago the name Jose Esteves was very well known in some of the most famous night clubs in New York. He is more active than ever in show business and very much more successful as Mr. Joe Loco.

Jose Esteves, today JOE LOCO, was born in New York, on the 26th of March, 1921. When he was nine years old he showed great aptitude for music. His thoughtful parents took great pride in their protege and placed him in the hands of a fine group of instructors. These first professors of music taught him to dance and play the violin.

Joe Loco made his professional debut when he was 13 years old. The RKO circuit became very interested in Joe and sponsored a tour that took him through 16 of the largest cities in the United States. He was billed as a dancer. In 1937, Jose Estevez decided to continue his musical studies and he became associated with the well known Charles Williams Pickells of the Superior School. "Haaren". After completing two years of intensive study he had mastered the piano and was doing very well on the organ, violin, guitar, bass, trombone and saxophone.

He was a very apt student and spent a considerable amount of time with theory and harmony. Joe became a very fine composer and musical arranger. He has proven to be a mighty man with pen or instrument.

Joe Loco – pianist – composer – arranger, became a featured member of groups like the: "Melody Boys", "Happy Boys" and "Hatuey". Later on he was pianist for the orchestra of Pupi Campo, Will Bradley, Xavier Cugat, Enric Madriguera and Machito. Joe Loco now is the sensation of latin dance combos as pianist and leader of his own organizations.

Joe Loco and entourage were an immediate success. Personal appearances at the Waldorf, Carnegie Hall and elite clubs of Chicago, Washington, Miami and Los Angeles were all triumphs. His recordings have been received with great enthusiasm and this new LP brings you Joe Loco and rhythm at their listenable and danceable best. – Herman Glass

Music Of Gonzalo Curiel

Vereda Tropical (Bolero Beguine)
Una Canción En La Noche (Bolero)
Calla (Bolero)
Luna Amiga (Conga)
Tu (Bolero)
Incertidumbre (Bolero)

Music Of Consuelo Velazquez

Bésame Mucho (Bolero Beguine)
Yo No Fui (Porro)
Que Seas Feliz (Bolero)
Amar Y Vivir (Bolero)
Verdad Amarga (Bolero)
Cachito (Cha Cha Cha)

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