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Friday, January 11, 2019

I Remember Tahiti - Eddie Lund

Upaupa Umeume
I Remember Tahiti
Eddie Lund and His Tahitians
With Mila
Cover Photo: Leonard Clairmont
Recorded in Tahiti
Tahiti Records - Papeete, Tahiti
EL 1005

From the back cover: For those who are still strangers to the South Pacific and its music, we hope that the fascinating off-beat guitars, coconut ukuleles and native drums, the striking tone colors of nose flutes and bamboo woodblocks, and especially the exciting voice of Mila, Tahiti's favorite singer, will be inducement enough for them to break away and join the ever-increasing group of aficionados who murmur with a sigh and a faraway look in their eye: "I remember Tahiti..." – Eddie Lund

Vocals by Mila

To Reo Iti Maru
Tahiti Nui
Farara Matai
Tau Tiare Iti
Te Moe Nei

Tahitian Instrumentals

Upaupa Umeume
Tahiti Nui
Pahu Moorea
Manu Rere
E Nia Te Marama

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