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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Silk Stockings - Cole Porter

Stereophonic Sound
Silk Stockings
Cole Porter
An Original Cast Recording
RCA Victor LOC-1016

From Billboard - March 26, 1955: With "Silk Stockings" set for a long run on Broadway, this original-cast album should do unusually well sales-wise, even for a new Cole Porter score. The cover alone – featuring a leggy, scantily clad lass donning a pair of hose – will undoubtedly account for many sales. However, a photo of the musical's sultry star Hildegarde Neff would have been equally eye-catching. Miss Neff can't sing, but her husky monotone sells a song as well on wax as in person. Her co-star, Don Ameche, warbles more professionally, as he sparks the LP with showmanly vocals of the best tunes in the score... "All Of You" and "Silk Stockings." The musical is based on Garbo's old comedy hit "Ninotchka," about a grim Russian gal who goes to Paris in search of three party renegades and finds her femininity instead. Gretchen Wyler also impresses with her brassy vocal appeal as a wacky Hollywood movie star. However, Miss Wyler has most of the show's spicier material ditties, so it isn't likely she'll be heard over the airwaves.

Too Bad
Paris Loves Lovers
Stereophonic Sound
It's A Chemical Reaction, That's All
Satin And Silk
Without Love
"Silk Stockings" Chorus Hail Bibinsky
As On Through The Seasons We Sail
"Silk Stockings" Chorus Josephine
Silk Stockings
The Red Blues

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