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Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Drum Is A Woman - Duke Ellington

Drum Is A Woman - Part 1
A Drum Is A Woman
Duke Ellington And His Orchestra
Featuring Margaret Tynes, Joya Sherrill, Ozzie Bailey and Chorus
Music, Lyrics, Arrangements by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn
Columbia CL 951

Reeds: Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney, Russell Procope, Jimmy Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves. Rick Henderson
Trumpets: "Cat" Anderson, Clark Terry, Ray Nance, Willie Cook
Trombones: Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, John Sanders
Drums: Sam Woodyard, Candido, Terry Snyder
Piano: Duke Ellington
Bass: Jimmy Wood
Harp: Betty Glamann

From the back cover: As is customary during any Ellington performance, the individual members of his orchestra are featured as soloists throughtou "A Drum Is A Women." But this record introduces two new stars to Ellington audiences and reintroduces singer Joya Sherrill. Joya, who first met Ellington when she came as a high school student to sing for him and was immediately hired, toured with the band during the mid-forties. She is now married, the mother of two children, and singing in clubs throughout the country whenever her career can continue without interfering with her family life.

Soprano Margaret Tynes has heretofore devoted her exciting voice exclusively to operatic and concert appearances. Although she has been heard by many audiences at New York's City Center, as well as in televised opera, she had never sung with jazz musicians before. Having accustomed herself to such surprises as seeing the Ellington brass section waving rubber plungers over the bells of their horns, she is now a through-going jazz fan.

Ozzie Bailey is a native New Yorker whose mother and father where born in Trinidad, which accounts for his convincing way with a calypso song. He has been singing in clubs for several years before this introduction to Ellington's g
reat orchestra. As for his plans – he'll sing, and the oftener it's with Duke's band, the better.

From Billboard - April 28, 1957: One of the biggest album promotion drives has been set by Columbia Records in conjunction with United States Steel and BBDO on behalf of Duke Ellington's fantasy, "A Drum Is A Woman." The Ellington opus, regarded as the first jazz spectacular and the first TV show inspired by an album, will be done in compatible color television over CBS on May 8.

In additon to distributing copies of the complete album within its own organization, U.S. Steel had Columbia mail more than 150 LPs to key city TV editors. Special audience kits, containing a 45 r.p.m. of excerpts from the album, a 12-inch LP of recorded spots by Ellington together with scripts, and a complete brief of the May 8 show, are being mailed to TV program directors. The program managers are also being serviced by CBS-TV with film trailers, mats, slides, etc. Selection radio stations will also be furnished promotional kits and the special 45 r.p.m. record. The 45 r.p.m. did will also be distributed within the U.S. Steel organization.

U.S. Steel's ad campaign, of 100-line, 200-line and 600-line size runs from May 5 thur May 8, with key outlets covered, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Publicity in national magazines will continue thru the performance date.

"A Drum Is A Woman," produced on records and released mid-February by Irv Townsend, will be done on TV by Theater Guild under the direction of Marshall Jamieson.

Part I
A Drum Is A Woman
Vocals – Margaret Tynes

Rhythm Pum Te Dum
Chorus – Unknown Artist 

What Else Can You Do With A Drum - Calypso
Vocals – Ozzie Bailey 

Part II

New Orleans
Narrator – Duke Ellington 

Hey, Buddy Bolden
Chorus – Unknown ArtistVocals – Joya Sherrill
Carribee Joe
Vocals – Joya Sherrill
Congo Square
Narrator – Duke Ellington 

Part III
Zajj: A Drum Is A Woman - Part 2
Vocals – Margaret Tynes
You Better Know It
Vocals – Ozzie Bailey
Carribee Joe
Vocals – Joya Sherrill
Madam Zajj
Narrator – Duke Ellington
Ballet Of The Flying Saucers
Part IV
Zajj's Dream
Narrator – Duke EllingtonVocals – Joya Sherrill
Vocals – Joya Sherrill
Carribee Joe - Part 2
Vocals – Joya Sherrill
Vocals – Margaret Tynes, Ozzie Bailey

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