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Sunday, August 21, 2016

James Bond Thrillers! Goldfinger - Zero Zero Seven

Pussy Galore Meets Bond
James Bond Thrillers
The Pulsating Big Band Sounds Of Zero Zero Seven
Recording Director: D. L. Miller
Cover Design: Chic Laganella
Somerset SF-23200
D. L. Miller deserves credit for his effort to deliver a "Mancini-styled" big band "secret agent/spy set to compete with similar music produced by RCA and Mercury. However, compared to work produced by the major labels, this project features, at times, clumsy or at least quirky arranging which the studio band tries to play well even though it sounds like all of the musicians have not had the time to practice the numbers. The engineers also struggle to produce decent sound. None-the-less, and perhaps due to the budget production value, Miller created a decent space age collectible.

Goldfinger Theme
From Russia With Love
Blues For Dr. No
Pussy Galore Meets Bond
James Bond Theme
"M" Joins The Hunt
A Gilded Corpse
Warm And Deadly
Death Of Goldfinger

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