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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Once A Thief - Lalo Schifrin

Once A Thief
Once A Thief
And Other Themes Lalo Schifrin
Produced by Creed Taylor
Verve V-8624

Diverse set which is held together by the jazz vibe you might expect to hear from this Verve/Schifrin program.

From inside the book-fold jacket: More than anything, this album is a showcase for the original compositions of Lalo Schifrin. Some have appeared before in other forms, notably, The Cat, which was the Grammy Award winner this year for the best jazz composition. Jimmy Smith and Lalo collaborated for that grand slam. I'm especially glad it won, inasmuch as it was my personal choice, and my radio show embraces the West Coast home base of the NARAS – the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. – Johnny Magnus, Radio KMPC, Los Angeles

The set includes several vocal numbers by Irene Reid (including Once A Thief). Good stuff, although I enjoyed the instrumental version more.

Leader and Piano: Lalo Schifrin, French Horn: Jimmy Buffington, Robert Northern, Willie Ruff. Guitar: Kenny Burrell, Tuba: Don Butterfield. Trombone: Jimmy Cleveland, James L. Johnson, Tony Studd, Bob Brookmeyer. Bass: Bob Cranshaw. Trumpet: Freddy Hubbard, Ernie Royal, Eugene Young, Clark Terry. Tenor Sax and Flute: Jerome Richardson, James Moody. Viola: Alfred Brown, Harold Coletta, Harold Furmansky, Murray Sandry. Violin; Max Cahn, Lewis Eley, Mary Lou Galen, Emanuel Green, Leo Kahn, Leo Kruczek, Joseph Malignaggi, Gene Orloff, Max Pollikoff, Raoul Poliakin, Tosha Samaroff, Avram Weiss. Cello: Charles McCracken, George Ricci, Harvey Shapiro, Alan Shulman. Harp: Margaret Ross. Drums: Grady Tate or Dave Bailey. Alto Sax, Clarinet and Alto Flute: Phil Woods

Blues A-Go-Go
Once A Thief
The Right To Love
The Cat
The Man From THRUSH
Roulette Rhumba
Return To Trieste
The Joint
Once A Thief

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